Remember when a Friday night was a complete disaster if you didnít have plans to go out to a club/concert/bar with 10/20/30 of your nearest and dearest until 2/3/7 in the morning? And then remember how you silently chuckled to yourself about how lame your Fridays where getting to be after you got knocked up and you spent them cuddling with your husband on one side and a really big bowl of buttered popcorn on the other, watching a movie? Yeah? Well, now my hot Friday night consists of dumping the boy in dadís lap and sneaking away to the computer where Iíve emailed my priest TWICE. Aw yeah.

I have amazing news: I have nearly completed the Exersaucer assembly. That only took 3 weeks. I decided to clear the entire afternoon of all obligations and take up the cross that has been given to me by the Evenflo Corporation. I worked on it for 4 solid hours today. I stopped only to feed the boy and change the occasional diaper. And how did he like my chef-d'oeuvre? He cried.

We spent the morning at the doctors. Owen now weighs 16 lb. 6 oz. And he is at the height limit on his basket-style car seat. This blows as he still canít sit up. The bigger carseat isnít the kind that I can carry him in. So how am I going to go grocery shopping? We are going to starve! OK, Iíve down it with a sling before. It was just so simple when he came with an easy to use handle.

Iíve just been informed that Iíve made it to level two with the breastfeeding group. I had no idea there were levels. Shockingly like Scientology.

Well now that Iím done emailing my priest, Iím off to look for diapers online (an all consuming passion).

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