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Do you ever get crazy, totally random ideas and then run into someone else who is thinking the same thing?

It all started when I jokingly said that Shannon's bridal shower would be themed with things that were half one thing and half another (a phobia she has). And I mentioned we would serve freaky British sausages that look like fingers (another fear) and this chocolate sushi. Even though I never seriously meant to do that, I got off on a tangent wondering how I could make my own "sushi, not sushi". The next day, I looked at notmartha and there she was, with a compiled reference list of faux sushi making sites.

Unfortunately for everyone around me, I will have to make some fake sushi. Because now it has been researched. I'm wondering how I can work my Hello Kitty rice ball shaper into the mix. I also own some tiny cartoon character food cutters from a past obsession with Japanese lunch box culture. Hopefully, for Shannon's sake, I will have worked all of this out of my system before her shower rolls around. Otherwise she may have me institutionalized for postpartum dementia.

And, speaking of L&D, I was woken up by some more contractions in the wee hours of the morning, but they completely disappeared. I am just not the personality type that can deal with all of these false starts. I have enough trouble not being able to schedule a birth in Outlook (have I mentioned that we had scheduled our orignal trying to conceive date in Outlook? It was to be this July. Guess we were a bit premature with this one). Even Leo is getting antsy.

Mrs. W and I had a senior citizens-style 5pm dinner at Olga's last night. My sister-in-law had been craving Olga's in her third trimester, and so have I. There was at least one other very pregnant lady there too, so maybe its not just us. Afterwards, we went to The Loose Leaf, a new tea shop. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded marvelous. Unfortunately, they do not serve herbal tea. Even restaurants serve herbal tea. They did have a couple of kinds of rooibois, so we had that. It was lovely, except they really need to get some herbal tea. Looking at the website now, I see we could have also had some Dagoba hot chocolate. And, being a big dork, I can only assume that that mean it comes from the same planet as Yoda.

I took a half dose of sudaphed last night. This morning, I feel like I've been drugged. I'm pretty sure it was 4 hour strength stuff, and I took it almost 12 hours ago so...? Maybe its the heat in here. I just turned the thermostat down. No, I will never tire of the power.

My hot Friday plans revolve around finding the Troy Supercuts. I can't even express how much I miss the World Trade Center-themed $12 haircut house in Dearborn. I suppose that most Americans might find Supercuts to be cheap, but I resent having to pay $16 for a haircut when I could get a perfectly fine one (while surrounded by photos of America's greatest disaster) for $4 less. I did print off a $2 coupon from the Supercuts website. But still. My only hope is that the Supercuts might be decorated in a Pearl Harbor theme. Or maybe the 1918 flu epidemic.

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