I drove almost an hour to my midwife appointment yesterday. When I got there, the office told me that she has been at the hospital for TWO DAYS with a laboring patient. The same patient. 2 days. So I'm all "too bad about the lady who has been in labor for two days, but I just drove an HOUR to get here". Not really. Actually, I was sort of in a daze over the whole thing. Then an OB walked by and said she'd see me.

This was my last appointment to not include an internal, so it went pretty quick. The OB thinks I'm carrying tons of fluid in my legs, which made me quite happy. Well, I'm not so much happy that I'm so swollen, but I like the reassurance of being told that at least a few of the prego pounds are fluid, which will be easy to loose.

I've been feeling all weird and crampy. And there is a definite squeezing sensation in my belly. It's probably nothing. Although, it would be my luck to go into labor when the midwife has been working for 48 hours straight already.

This has really made me think hard about the logistics of the whole birth process. I'm in Troy now. If I was in labor, should I hope in my car and drive for 45 minutes on crowded freeways? Would it be safer to take side streets? Call a cab? Have Leo drive from downtown to pick me up (which might take hours, depending on traffic)? Just go into the ladies room to birth? I really don't know. The books say that one should not drive while in labor. But what about early labor? And how will I get my car (which has the car seat in it) to the hospital?

My mother's furnace broke yesterday. Today is her birthday. My furnace broke on my birthday this year. Coincidence?

I gave Owen a long talk about how "special" it would be to share a birthday with his grandma (so get the heck out, already). We'll see.

Gosh, I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep well again last night. I really wish it was warm enough to nap in my car. Maybe I'll have to construct an under desk bed like George on Seinfeld. Or I could sleep under my palm tree.

I had to return some stuff last night at Kohl's. We received approximately 523,489 tiny blue baby outfits, so I took 8 or 12 back. Once I went through the return process (which took FOREVER), I set about to spend my merchandise credit. On things other than baby clothes. First off, I thought I'd buy Leo some dress shirts. I have since discovered that he wears such an unusual size, that Kohl's doesn't even stock them. I guess I should have figured that out, when a newborn-sized bib could fit around his neck. So that was a no go.

I then walked past the maternity section and I looked at all of their summer clothes. Thank GOD I did not have to wear summer maternity clothes. They had a bunch of shorts and capri pants, and I just know what my hugely swollen tree trunk legs would look like in those. Picture two purple and pink redwoods in bermuda shorts.

I ended up buying a decadent nine pairs of matching black socks. I had wanted to spend the store credit completely, as there is not a Kohl's anywhere near me, but I just couldn't get into shopping. I'm too big for their clothes, and Leo is apparently too thin. They need to start a Jack Sprat and Wife section.

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