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Well there was no baking yesterday. Instead, I worked for 11 hours straight. Itís been a while since Iíve done that. I really donít know how Leo can do it. I felt like my soul had been sucked away.

I didnít sleep last night. I always thought that pregnant women couldnít sleep because they were constantly getting up to pee. Thatís true, but I also canít breath through my nose (which is actually a pregnancy symptom) plus I just plain old canít sleep. Donít know why. It really blows. Iíll probably be close to delusional by the time delivery roles around (which might be an advantage, actually).

I had a lovely lunch today. It was a salad with pecans, raisins, dried cherries, blue cheese, and shrimp. The dressing was kind of a brown sugar balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. Glad I had a good lunch, because I have scheduled tonightís dinner to feature something called ďtaco pocketsĒ. I have no idea why that sounded like a good idea. I think its some kind of taco patty, surrounded by tortilla and toppings. I may forgo the patty thing.

I am doing the 1 hour glucose tomorrow morning. At 7 am. I will have to chug a big ole glucose drink at 7 am. Canít wait. I fully expect to go into immediate diabetic shock that requires hospitalization. If not, Iíll still be pretty screwed for the day. I canít even eat pancakes in the morning without feeling like Iím dying an hour later.

Iím still waiting for it to seem normal that Iím pregnant. I donít know if it ever will. I imagine that it will seem weird even after the baby is here. Maybe by the time he is in high school, the reality of the situation will have sunk in.

Iím really craving some pecan pie.

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