how did it get to be December already?


I'm in a closed room training session right now and someone is gassy. Blech.

I peed my pants a little last night (which is rather easy to do nowadays) when I saw Baked Cheetos at the store. I took a bag home and ate nearly half of it between last night and now (most were comsumed at 4am this morning when I woke up to Owen doing the macarena in my innards). The whole "baked" thing doesn't save many calories, but that's ok because they are nearly as tasty as the real thing. They taste like regular cheetos that are slightly stale (but with none of that tasty trans fat).

We met with the associate priest last night about the baptism. He came close to telling us that he doesn't believe in original sin. Our last priest just came out and said that to us. Why bother being Catholic if you are just going to make up your own theology anyhow? I couldn't bring myself to say anything, but I found it disturbing.

Leo is going back to Boston tonight so I think I might make some fun holiday biscotti with dried cranberries and pistachios to pass the time. And - just to be a total holiday dork - I plan to dip the bottom in white chocolate and then green and red jimmies. I could only find pistachios in the shell, so I got a lot of shelling to do first.

I caught my stomach hanging out of my clothes this morning. Yes, now I am out maternitying the maternity wear.

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