too many numbers involved in being pregnant


Go read Julia's story about meeting some middle-aged nudist parents. It's far more entertaining than anything I have to say.

My big news is that I slept through the night (hey, I warned you that I had nothing interesting to say). I still feel like I had been worked over with 17 baseball bats when I woke up, but I got a full 8 hours of sleep. Frickin amazing.

I'm getting a little stressed out at work. The good news is that I am the boss' right hand man (or his bitch, depending on how you look at it). The bad news is that the boss is rather fond of telling me, in detail to do A, B, and C and then he will come back the next day and wonder why I did not do D, E, and F instead of wasting my time on the other letters. I cannot win. I think I might try doing the opposite of whatever he tells me.

I received a bitchy voicemail from the Dale Carnegie SS, demanding to know my reasons for blowing off their class on Tuesday. I restated my spiel about how I must ensure that this company complies with federal regulations and we are down to the wire. Hopefully she caught the subtext of "do not mess with me, you will lose". Because I am so fed up with them.

My pants won't stay up. This is probably due to the fact that I am built like Humpty Dumpty.

I still haven't figured out the whole pregnancy weeks and months thing. I am at 20 weeks. 20 divided by 4 is 5. So I am just now 5 months pregnant, right?
But then I just saw this:

Months & Weeks Chart
1st Month = weeks 1-4
2nd Month = weeks 5-8
3rd Month = weeks 9-13
4th Month = weeks 14-17
5th Month = weeks 15-21
6th Month = weeks 22-26
7th Month = weeks 27-30
8th Month = weeks 31-35
9th Month = weeks 36-40

Why are there 7 weeks in the 5th month??? And if I am 5 months pregnant, why am I not due for another 4.5 months? OK, math has never been my thing, but I am so confused now.

I really am going to scan the ultrasound photos today. You've been warned.

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