I'm a mess


Today got off to a better start than yesterday, but quickly went downhill from there.

Yesterday, I woke up in horrible pain as usual at 3am. So I watched TV. I set a travel alarm on the end table and fell back asleep for an hour. The alarm clock was a little too near the remnants of Leo's nightly beer, so I ended up pouring that on myself when the alarm went off. What a way to wake up.

This morning, I woke up in horrible pain at 3 am and read. I went back to sleep around 5 and got another hour's sleep (but I had some terribly disturbing baby dreams). I am so fricking tired. I look like hell too. There are about 50,000 wrinkles under my eyes.

Today's low point came when I was walking out to my car with the plant IT Manager. I fell. As in, I ended up in a mangled heap on the concrete. I played it like it happens all the time (what must Mr. IT Manager think if that?) and I was fine. Truth is, I jammed my left ankle so hard that I can barely walk. The worst is that I have to climb two flights of stairs to get to the office I'm working in. The way up is bad, the way down in excruciating.

It was so bad that I actually took a Tylenol (Tylenol - the official "painkiller" of pregnancy). Tylenol is the most useless drug ever. OK, it would be just the thing if I ever wanted to take a pill to make me feel even more sleepy and a little nauseous without dampening pain one bit. But that never happens. True to all of my Tylenol experiences, I now feel even more tired, more nauseous, and my ankle hurts just as bad now (if not more) than when I took it. I want my ibuprofen.

I saw Christopher last night. All is well with him. He is on track to graduate in May, then he has to figure out where he wants to be (San Diego, Miami, or maybe someplace else). I never thought that, in our thirties, we would all still be figuring out what we want to be when we grow up. Leo and I are going through the same thing now. This is tough on me only in that I am not the one with a career to plan.

Sorry, it's clear to me now that the Tylenol is actually deadening my mind and amplifying my throbbing ankle. I can't wait for the drive home this afternoon, hopefully I will be able to buy an ice pack somewhere.

Oh, I should add that - if you ever need a hotel in Okemos, MI - try the Hampton Inn. Nicest Hampton Inn I've ever stayed at (and I've stayed at MANY). They even had a tanning bed for the guests. I was telling this to Leo last night on the phone and he immediately suggested that I shouldn't use it. Uh, thanks. Even though I have not tanned (artificially or otherwise) in about 25 years, there was a good chance that me and my 5 months pregnant belly were going to hop in there and give it a spin.

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not yet, but I am now feeling so many kicks that I know when Owen is sleeping and I know when he's awake (just like Santa Claus).

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