the hormones have eaten away half my brain


I have spent most of the last 24 hours looking for a crib set.  This all started when I read in Baby Bargains that crib sets can average between $300 - $500.  That's for a bumper pad, sheet, quilt and dust ruffle.  Of course, you can't actually USE the quilt in the crib, but it comes like that.  Now, I have never had a $300 sheet set and I have not wet the bed in at least 27 years.  So why should this creature I have yet to meet get one?

So the normal person might then go to Target and buy a perfectly acceptable Amy Coe set.  Because I REFUSE to purchase anything that is a licensed character (rule #1).  And I don't really want to buy something gender specific (rule #2) because, well, you how Catholics breed.  I need things I can use again.  See?  Perfectly acceptable and reasonably priced.  Unfortunately, these hormones (the ones that are making me crazy) point out that the green will clash with the soft green walls that we have just finished.  There are either "pink for girls" or "blue for boys" options, but as they violate rule #2.

So the search goes on.  There is a hunting/camouflage crib set that would go with the walls.  Babies like animals, right?  Even when they are being slaughtered by rednecks on their sheets? 



 Then I fell in love with this set.  Because...well, LOOK at the pattern!








The problem with this one?  It's $350 for the four piece set.  So, my inner cheapskate won't spend over $100 on nursery crap, my inner hormone-crazed psycho mom won't allow my child to sleep on Sponge Bob sheets from Kmart and the last sane remnant of myself needs to get this all organized. 

Solution?  Sew my own.  I found a source for the circus print above and I have also found a monkeys playing instruments one (that scares Shannon) but I like it.  I ordered samples so I can decide between the two.  What will my children have to talk about in therapy if not the anthropomorphic animals on their baby bedding?

Sorry about the inclusion of all sorts of photos that no one but me gives a damn about anyhow.  Let this be a lesson to all about the power of hormones and how no woman should ever make any decision, no matter how small, while pregnant.

Oh, and I would very much welcome comments or suggestions on the psychedelic circus vs. dancing monkeys issue.  And if someone wanted to tell me that it is foolhardy for me to attempt all this sewing, well, that probably needs to be said also.



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