I'm crabby and bloated


I have been on quite an ice cream kick lately, so this seems really cool. But I'd have to be seriously head injured to pay $90 for a gallon of ice cream.

The vacation was great. We started out in Chincoteague Island, VA. We rented a house on the water which faces Assateague Island where the wild ponies are. There was crabbing, beach going, wild pony spotting, kite flying, and a great consumption of both seafood and ice cream (but not at the same time). It was lovely. We then drove to Connecticut for a wedding on Friday.

We got back yesterday and picked up the Ryder Cup TV that Leo's dad got for us (it was used somewhere during the Ryder Cup, so it was avialble to us at a low, low used-at-a-golf-event price). We need another TV like I need to pack on another 5 lbs. This brings the household TV to person ratio to 2:1. And we just tossed out another TV not too long ago. Leo's all excited about it because its a flat screen, and its pretty big and he can watch golf on it without it looking like the pins have a bunch of crimps in them. We still do not need another TV.

What else? Oh, I currently bear a great resemblance to the Sta-Puft man in Ghostbusters. OK, that's a slight exaggerations as I am not (currently) wearing a sailor's hat and I'm not really 5 stories tall. I am visibly pregnant so that strangers ask when I'm due. The stupid pregnancy chat boards that I am obsessed with are chock full o' posts from 22 year olds who are 33 weeks along and have gained a total of 3 pounds. I had to reread that last one I read, actually, because I almost replied to it by saying that I gained 3 lbs. last week too. But she meant that she had gained 3 lbs. in total. I really need to find an embittered thirty-something pregnancy chat board for not too terribly thin people.

Pre-pregnancy, when I would go on vacation and maybe put on a pound or two (or five), I would simply come home and diet. But I can't diet now. So I am trying to keep my calorie consumption under control. I had been in the habit of picking up a bottle of low fat chocolate milk in the cafeteria for lunch. I never really looked at the nutrition label because, well, it was low fat milk. I looked today. ONE bottle has 410 calories. It's barely even 8 ounces! How is that even possible? So I bought two half pints of skim milk instead. Because I heart me some milk. I just can't get enough of the stuff now.

I'm off on another non-Farmer Jack grocery trip this evening (Farmer Jack has STILL not responded to my letters). I'm going back to Super K-Mart which has tomatillos, although you have to factor in 45 minutes for check out so that's hardly a fair trade. I'm going to make Pipián Verde con Pollo in celebration of the Super-K's produce department's selection. They sure better still have those tomatillos.

I think the E&Y auditor who is reviewing our work likes me. I mean LIKES ME likes me. He is always trying to talk to me. And he never finds fault with anything I do, only with my coworkers' work. Flattering, and yet very odd as I am visibly pregnant plus I have a pimple on my cheek so large it looks like I'm sprouting a second head. And I know my work is both crappy and half-assed. I wish he'd just go away. But not until he signs off on my stuff as perfect.

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