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We had a lovely weekend in Boston.

Friday we ate at the BC Club. It was really, really good and I had a lobster bisque that almost made my eyes roll back in my head permanently. Plus I was given a menu without prices. That always cracks me up but the cheapskate in me can't handle it. I managed to read the prices upside down from Leo's dad's menu.

Saturday morning involved a lot of walking. We saw the USS Constitution where I had blood sugar issues but managed not to pass out. The afternoon into evening involved a lot of sitting. Leo and his dad watched some football game at a sports bar while I read my new book (the Egyptologist, excellent so far). The bar was full of Penn State fans who excelled at 1) drinking and 2) yelling pro-Penn State things. We Are: PENN STATE! I think I heard that 56,712 times...

I skipped out of the bar for a bit to get my haircut at the local Supercuts (I know, $13.95 is a little more than I usually pay, but this was a big city haircut and I was on vacation so I went for it). The hairdresser looked a lot like a Backstreet Boy. He had a kind of a New York / Italian accent going on. While combing out my hair, he asked "you cut your own bangs?". I sheepishly admitted that I had, then I added something about traveling a lot and my hair was growing so fast, blah blah blah. Then he said "yeah, a lot of people do". After combing out the bangs part some more he added "but you, maybe you shouldn't".

At the bar we managed to order: nachos, buffalo wings, pizza with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, and blueberry pancakes. The blueberry pancakes were my contribution, I don't think they would have went so well with beer. The menu said that they sold NA beer (which I wanted at first) but the waitress looked at me like I had ordered a pint of human blood so I guess they really didn't. Just as well. I have never been so well hydrated in my life. I think I had about 7 glasses of water that afternoon.

The game didn't start until 8. People were extremely drunk by that point. It was really quite amazing. By the 3rd quarter I simply could not sit any longer. Also, I had been facially pomponed by a linebacker's mother who was sitting behind me and I wanted to avoid further injury so I got up to walk around. I discovered the Hood brand "Cool Dog", an ice cream sundae made to look like a hot dog (which is strangely omitted from teir web site) It consists of a cake "bun" and an vanilla ice cream "hot dog" which can be topped with whipped cream and a cherry. I opted for a 440 calorie (220 from fat) Reese's sundae instead.

After the game, we walked to a 7-11 to get some water. I went in to buy it (even though I was still adequately hydrated) and Leo and his dad stayed outside. A 20-something guy wandered near them and started making strange, slow motion, kung fu moves. Then he made a sweeping kick at Leo's legs. I was in line in the store watching all of this. Leo's dad waved some cops over and they handcuffed the guy (who was clearly on something). Leo was laughing because he was so stunned, he wasn't hurt at all, just shocked (he might not weigh a lot, but he is rather solidly built and some druggo kung fu person could hardly take him down with one kick). Leo gave his statement to the cops but we didn't stick around to see what happened to the guy. He called the cop the N-word so I'm thinking they took him back to the station since he had committed battery.

Nothing much of interest happened on Sunday. Leo and his dad managed to spend about 8 hours reading three different newspapers. The flight back was horrid, I think it must have been the pilot's first day. I nearly chunked. I slept hard last night and this herbal tea (raspberry leaf, good for the expanding uterus!) just isn't cutting it.

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