you know you have a sad life when staying up to watch tv throws you off


It is a very odd thing to see someone you know on TV.

I imagine it's odd to see an actor friend on TV. I imagine it's even odder to see someone you know play themselves on TV.

The first 15 or so times that Raj came on camera, we laughed. He wasn't doing anything funny but I think we all (Leo's family and us) were just reacting to seeing someone we know on TV.

I very much enjoyed Raj. He made the show. I have always stated that I HATE reality TV and, having sat through the entire hour and a half Apprentice episode last night, my opinion of the genre remains the same.

In order to stay awake until 10pm (I'm such a loser) I had a diet coke at 6:30. So I didn't sleep last night. I feel like I have a hang over.

We're off to Boston this afternoon for a football game and to buy teeny-tiny BC baby apparel.

You will be oh so pleased to know that I have been working on my Thanksgiving menu for a couple of weeks now. I started off looking at my oldest cookbooks and I discovered that battered and deep fried cucumbers were a not uncommon appetizer in the '30s and '40s. Who knew? I will not be serving that for Thanksgiving, though.

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