Pt. Huron: Pontiac on the water


You know what's fun? Driving due east at sunrise.

Even more fun? Driving due east at sunrise with a state cop directly behind you.

The sun was so bright that I couldn't read with my speedometer or the road signs. Thank goodness that today is the last day I'll be out here.

BTW, Pt. Huron is cracky. True, I haven't seen it all, but we got terribly lost yesterday so I have seen a fair bit. It looks like Pontiac, but worse.

I had the greatest lunch ever today. I had a fried haddock sandwich and a side of grilled vegetables at Bob Evans (were I was the only patron under 90). The vegetables were ok, but the sandwich was DIVINE. Strange thing is that I don't ever remember ordering a fried fish sandwich before, not even a filet o'fish. It's just not something that I like. But it called to me today. And it was breath-takingly good. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Maybe that's just the mercury talking.

I didn't add a baby status this week. Know why? Because the only thing slightly interesting that baby is developing this week is his ability to poop (he gets that from his dad). Not that baby is pooping, mind you, but the intestinal muscles are developing. Baby is peeing though. (OK, why am I talking about this, especially right after lunch?) Not only is baby peeing, but baby is also taking practice swallows of the same amniotic fluid that it is peeing into. Eew. OK, the fluid is fully replaced every three hours, so baby really needs to watch his timing on all of these digestive practice runs.

Shannon is alive, I checked. I spoke to Daryl at first and he seemed to be taking the whole flooding bit in stride. Shannon was a little more concerned about it, but I guess their area wasn't the hardest hit (some place named Choco Bottom is destroyed, apparently) (Choco Bottom: it's not just a breakfast cereal, it's a neighborhood too). Her apartment is not flooded at all, and I think its no longer raining in Richmond, so it looks like they are ok.

I guess there is a cookie named "Joe Louis" and it has nothing to do with the stadium or the boxer. And it is a prepackaged Canadian snack cake that I've never heard of. There's all sorts of talk about candy exchanges on blogs (which I am all for) but maybe we need a regional snack food exchange too. Because I am most intrigued by Joe Louis.

I also just brought down this week's preggo lady chat thread to a discussion of Canadian snack food.

I HAVE to go to the grocery store tonight. We have no food. None. It is so hard to plan a menu when I can't figure out what I want to eat. Plus, everything needs to be low fat, low cost, low effort, and ready in under half an hour. So that leaves...turkey dogs? Plus the ingredients have to be available in my local grocery store which has the selection of an inner-city 7-11.


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