I am so hungry, I think I might digest my own stomach.

I had a lovely weekend. There was much sun, pleasant weather, and Olivia (who is 2 and a half) is talking up a storm. We went to the aquarium yesterday. She wasn't terribly impressed with the dolphins, but she seemed to like the otters and turtles. And she loves to exclaim "fishies!" at every tank.

Wendy gave me a ton of baby stuff, including a newborn sleeper with feet. I freaked out when I saw it. It was kind of saying "you will soon have a baby this size and shape and you will have to care for it for the rest of its life and you are woefully unprepared and there is no turning back now". It was a rather verbose sleeper. Anyway, I freaked. I'm not ready for this. Leo might be ready for this, but he's far more mature than I am (despite being younger). That sleeper scares the crap out of me.

Wendy also bought a little pair of khakis with a blue oxford cloth shirt, tiny suspenders and a matching tie for the baby. It is the cutest little outfit I've ever seen. Plus it is something that Leo would wear. I reminded Wendy that we don't actually KNOW the gender of the baby but she said that she knows and that's that. It's a boy. So sayeth Wendy and I. And if its a girl, I guess we'll just do the whole Annie Hall thing at 6 months.

I also went into my first maternity store last weekend. Wendy practically dragged me in there. I had bought maternity clothes on eBay and at Mervyn's (which has only 1 rack of them). Shockingly, Motherhood Maternity sells a lot of maternity clothes. Who knew? I tried on a pair of pants and actually made little orgasm noises in the dressing room. Wendy asked me what was wrong and all I could say was that those pants are the most comfortable I've ever had on. I'm wearing them today and, I swear, its like I'm naked but not cold. They are THE GREATEST PANTS EVER MADE.

I also bought a dress to wear to a wedding next month. Wendy pointed out that if I wear maternity clothes (within reason) I will look pregnant and not just fat. I do have a tiny little pregnant belly and it does just make me look big under regular clothes. Most maternity shirts are still too big for me, but this dress makes me look both thin and pregnant. The catch? It is kind of a Pucci/psychedelic print. My mother made herself a purple and red plaid muumuu when she was pregnant and she's had to hear about it for the last 30 years. I have a sneaking suspicion that my future offspring will come across a picture of me in this dress and laugh hysterically. "Hey mom, I know, when you are all huge a pregnant, why don't you just toss on a crazy purple psychedelic print dress? BWAHAHAHA!".

Leo spent the weekend in Colorado with Raj who - I can finally say this online - will be on the Apprentice this season. I still haven't been brave enough to check our bank account (there is something about those two together that can get very expensive) but I do know that their rental car mysteriously stopped working after only 2 days so I imagine it was a crazy weekend. Check out this interview with Raj. And the picture!

I'm at a plant this week. There is light rock blaring in every room. I think I need to make that an exception. I can't work under these conditions.

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