so frickin hungry


I wish I could make that "Gkoo-gkoo-gkoo" noise that Roscoe P. Coltrane made on the Dukes of Hazard whenever a diabolical plan to catch them Duke boys was hatched. That's the noise that I want to make because of the dismal audit performance of a certain entity. You know who you are, and you are going down! (not that I actually take any pleasure in this. It's only satisfying when a particularly cocky ass is discovered to not have been doing his job.)

Instead of sounding like Roscoe, I sound more like Sylvester. I finally got my tooth fixed today, so the entire left half of my face is numb. I've had to make many, many phone calls since then and I sounded like a weirdo on every one. My appointment was at 10:30, but the receptionist "forgot" to tell the dentist I was there (I suspect some deliberate anti-cholderby plan on her part). So I sat there for an hour. The work was done by 1 pm, so I never got a chance to eat lunch. I found a stale donut in the break room and I have attempted to eat a bite of that but every time the food goes to the left side of my mouth, I loose it. I actually had to go look in the mirror in the bathroom to make sure I didn't have any more donut in my mouth. I also tried to have some hot chocolate (purely for the calories at this point) but I can't feel my lower lip so it just dribbled back out of my mouth.

I'm hungry.

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