I've never been so happy to score an 81%


Who passed the CISA exam? I PASSED THE CISA EXAM!

Who knew I had it in me? Not me. I scored an 81%, passing was 75%. The day was bittersweet, though, because J. Lo Butt did not pass. And she studied really hard. She was in a bad car accident 10 years ago and spent a month in a coma. She's always worrying that affected her mentally. So its sad. And I am trying really hard not to talk about the test.

Mrs. W was in a play that we saw this weekend. It was really the highlight of the whole weekend. We did nothing else interesting. Leo did a mind-blowing amount of yard work this weekend (including trimming our bushes into geometric shapes, GAWD I love him) and cleaning and I, um, sat on my ass. I scrubbed 2 out of 3 toilets, that has to count for something. Oh, and I picked up our wedding album. It confirmed what I have always known: I am not photogenic.

Pregnancy - The Magical Twelfth Week

Your Baby:

Your baby weighs about 14 grams and is about 2 1/2 inches in length. Your Baby has reflexes and begins to have activity in the digestive tract. Bile is now being secreted. Stem cells, the "mother cells" that reproduce to become heart, brain, liver, bone, blood, nerve, and immune cells, continue to differentiate into cells forming your baby's major organs. The amniotic sac contains about 50 cubic centimeters of fluid (one and one half ounces). This week, your placenta takes over the important task of hormone production.

I guess grams aren't just for measuring out drugs anymore. Oh, and I really need more bile and hormones in me.


As you approach your second trimester, any nausea you may have experienced probably will begin to subside. You may also notice the linea nigra (black line), a dark line of pigmentation creeping up your abdomen -- especially if you have a dark complexion.

Your uterus has risen above your pubic bone, and your care provider will be able to feel it during an abdominal exam. It is about the size of a softball. Around this time, you may begin to "show." For first-timers, "showing" may occur a bit later, as strong abdominal muscles can help to hide your pregnancy.

Just when you think this whole deal can't get any ickier, an email tells you that a random black line might form on your belly. Thank goodness that my skin is so light it borders on transparent.

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