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Wendy update -

I figured that Wendy has survived many hurricane seasons while living on a boat in Miami, so now that she is in an apartment complex in mid-Florida, I wasn't even going to worry. I was wrong. Even though her boat had sunk before, this sounds like it was the worst hurricane for her yet. First, her family was evacuated to Orlando. Then the hotel they were staying in "lost structural integrity" so they had to be moved in the middle of the night. (Did I mention that they have a 2 year old?) It turns out that it barely even rained in their hometown but the eye of the hurricane came right through were they were evacuated to.

Schwest update -

Schwest is embarking on a 3 week South American adventure this weekend. She's attending a conference the first week, but then Jeremy is flying down there to join them and they will trek through the jungle. Considering that the last time they had an international adventure, it almost brought them to Libya, I am dying to hear what happens. She is also planning on bringing back some mate, which I assume will be dried leaves packed in a ziploc that might seem a little suspicious to the police dogs in the Miami airport. (BTW, I just searched for "mate" in google to see if I spelled it right and then was paralyzed with fear that I would get a bunch of porn sites. I didn't)

Me update -

I am ready to kick some ass today. I did something horrible to my broken tooth over lunch, so horrible that I actually cried at my desk I was in such pain. The dentist will see me on Friday, but that's the soonest. It hurts to drink water or breathe through my mouth. Anyway, this leads to the ass kicking. J. Lo Butt is getting picked on by her auditees. They keep whining that they aren't ready yet and she needs to push back her audit for another month, blah blah blah. She really is a push over. But she can't push the audit back, otherwise she'll never complete anything. So I stepped in today to tell those bastards what is up and what will happen. Shut them up. Pay J. Lo Butt some respect, people.

(Just in case someone is not familiar with J. Lo Butt, she's the woman I work with who loves to wear these black sweatpants that say "J. Lo" right across the ass. Lovely person, but questionable fashion sense.)

Couch woman update -

Oh, in case you wear as fascinated/sickened/horrified by the poor woman who was attached to the couch, there is an update today. No real answers. In fact, it makes me feel even worse about humanity that none of her family or friends had any idea.

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