terribly exciting parish council meeting


There were not ONE or TWO but THREE things blocking my way home last night. Two were accidents, one was a stalled truck. It took me a little over an hour to get home. I had just enough time to shove a PB&J into my mouth before heading off to the Parish Council meeting.

I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm now on the parish council. I am. One could easily pick me out as I am the only member under the age of 70. If you think that I can bitch about things, well, I aint got nothing on these folks. Don't get me wrong, they are great people, but if there is a bee in their bonnet, they will let you know about it in detail. For example, one fella, whom we'll call "Steve" as that's his real name, was particularly concerned about the qualifications of the organists that we are interviewing. By the term "organist" one might simply assume that these people would play the organ. Not Steve. He stated (in 50 back-to-back repetitions) about how he left his old parish because they started using the piano. I should also mention that Steve looks a little bit like an 80 year old Popeye without the sailor suit. The priest tried to assure him that any "organist" should be able to play the "organ" but Popeye wasn't having it. He kept muttering about "modern music" and "damn piano" for the next hour.

I found out yesterday that I am the only auditor who conducts interviews. Apparently, this step:

Interview computer room personnel and system/data owners to confirm that they understand the policies and procedures

and those like it, can be taken to mean something else like "through ESP, figure out if these people know how to do their jobs". It's not like that step just appears once in our programs. It's in there at least 30 times. In total, these interviews are very time consuming. So its taking me longer to complete my stuff. I'd love to ask my boss if the interviews are truly necessary, as I am the only one who is doing them and he hasn't seemed to notice but that would amount to ratting out my coworkers so I can't. I also can't think of any other way of completing that step. So I will trudge on, calling a total of 175 people for the data center audit, hoping that I will be vindicated when an outside consulting firm reviews our crap.

I didn't sleep again last night. This has got to stop.

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