don't even get me started on cotton candy or caramel corn!


I have spent the morning fantasizing about what I am going to eat at next weekend's Dearborn Homecoming. I've always had something of a soft spot of down home American fair food, but this is now bordering on obsession. It all started with those darned corn dogs, which I still just can't get enough of. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent debating elephant ear vs. funnel cake (I'm taking about debating them in my mind, as no sane person would really join into this conversation with me). I do like a good elephant ear, in fact it was an 'ear at the Homecoming several years ago that Leo still refers to as the "Elephant Ear Incident". You know how Leo is fat-phobic, well basically he almost had an aneurism from watching me eat a big elephant ear that had been coated with "butter flavored oil" that was applied with a paint brush. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. But, see, then there are funnel cakes. Is there a truer picture of summer than large midwestern bellies covered by the powdered sugar from a funnel cake? I think not.

In the end, I'll probably end up with the elephant ear, but I'm not done thinking about it quite yet. I'll also have to have a candy apple to go. Not a caramel apple, mind you, but a cinnamon candy apple. The kind that threatens to break your teeth off. The kind that was a a tooth achingly sweet exterior and an almost vinegary apple interior. Before all this though, I'll probably start off with a corn dog and a lemonade. Or maybe I'll stop by there on Friday for lunch and have one of everything.

What's really weird about the Dearborn Homecoming is that there never is any Lebanese food. There is an Italian tent and a Polish tent, but not a Lebanese tent. I'm almost thankful for this as then I'd have to worry about, say, falafel vs.corn dog and my head might explode. It's funny, though, Dearborn has so darned many people of Lebanese decent, but we still only have "ethnic" tents that reflect the city's population form 1940. Oh, and I just saw that the Italian tent is officially called the Italian Food Shelter. Hardly matters to me, though. I have no time for pizza or Italian ices when there is deep fried goodness to be had.

I will have to skip another Homecoming favorite, though. That's Father O'Houlihey's big Catholic beer booth. That is not really his name, but I can't remember his name so it will have to do for now. They might sell non-alcoholic beer, not that I'd go for that over a lemonade. Anyway, I don't believe that the Catholic Church has officially recognized non-alcoholic beer so maybe not.

Now I don't want to get any too worked up about this but...the Charlie Daniels Band will be headlining on Saturday. Oh yeah. An elephant ear, a lemonade, and "The Devil Came Down to Georgia"... that's really all a girl needs.

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