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The idea of quitting my job makes me positively giddy. I'm sure, for a lot of women, this wouldn't be such an easy decision. My sister in law, for example, worked her ass off to go through medical school and now she's pregnant. I have no idea what she's going to do but I gotta believe that her decision has got to be harder than mine. I mean, I like my job OK, but its not like I ever put much effort into getting to where I am now. Its not like I dreamed as a little girl of evaluating the security of manufacturing systems. And unlike my father, who is a retired programmer, the chance that I will set up some sad little computer room to run an imaginary business in my garage is non-existent.

Not that its going to be any walk in the park to transition from my comfy cube to the laundry room. I have never been particularly noted for my home keeping skills, who knows what our living conditions will be like with me home all day. I do really hope that I can work in a soap opera (and I plan on casually dropping references to "my stories" in conversations).

Leo and I have been "running the numbers" all afternoon. All we have learned is that neither one of us should quit our jobs to become financial planners. I wish my checking account gave me an end of year statement like my credit card does. Damn this is frustrating.

In an hour I will be home, making another dinner that I won't eat. I don't really have morning sickness exactly, but the smell of cooking is enough to make me run away. I'm trying a chicken. broccoli and rice casserole type thing. Hopefully I can shove it in the oven and hide. We'll see how it goes.

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