I am a beautiful picture of the morning!


As I was walking to breakfast this morning (nearly falling on my face while discovering that heels and medieval cobblestone aren't a good combo), a German man yelled something at me. I replied that I don't speak German (in English of course, because I am the ugly American) and he said that he would tell me in English. He said "you are a beautiful picture of the morning". Not a bad way to start the day.

I finally got a decent night's sleep last night. Thank goodness, I was thinking that might never happen. Normal people, when flying from the US to Europe, have trouble getting to sleep. When flying the other way, there is trouble staying asleep. So why do I have no problem falling asleep, but then I wake up at 3 am (which is 10 pm EST, when I would normally be asleep anyhow)? I wish I knew.

The German auditor couldn't make it to dinner with us, so it was me and the French guy. We went to a Greek restaurant. The menu was all in Greek and German, so we just pointed to a picture to order. We split a really big platter of fried seafood. It was pretty good. We also received the obligatory shot (do all meals come with free shots?). I skipped it.

I have spent most of the day running around the plant, interviewing users. Users who do not speak English. Luckily, I translated my questions into German ahead of time. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd do. Among the assorted Siegfrieds, Jürgens, and Bernds, there was a guy named Albert Einstein. Imagine what his childhood must have been like. Poor guy.

The plant I'm in makes electronics. All plant floor people need to wear special shoes. Now I've seen the plastic slip on sandals that most plants use, so it really cracks me up that this plant uses white plastic Birkenstocks. So German.

I am almost positive that I'll be able to get out of here early, hopefully at the start of next week. I don't want to change my reservations quite yet though, in case I can leave even earlier than expected. I'm so excited that I might actually have a whole weekend at home!

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make a call from my hotel room. I spent almost 15 minutes trying to do it again last night. Each time so far that I've tried and failed, Leo has called me within minutes of my giving up. Pretty amazing, huh?

Well, I better get back to my work. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can brennen Sie diesen popsicle Speicher durch. Or something.

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