First, Leo and I are psychically connected in trying to phone one another. Then my brother-in-law suggests that I check out the new Dick and Butch feature after I had just been to the site an hour earlier (for the first time in two months)! I should get my own 1-900 number! Anyway, take a look. It even transcends language. It also nicely sums up my feeling about getting a cat over a dog (or a red hairy thing over a yellow one). Perhaps if the "Special Anniversary Edition" is ever expanded, they could include the disgusting drooling of the yellow pet and the fact that it constantly is wanting to lick people. Or maybe I could make my own fan fiction version.

I went out to eat with a few Germans from the plant last night. Again, I was the only one to not completely clean my plate (actually, I didn't even make it half way). What really gets me, is that the German auditor is about 5'9" and must weigh 130 pounds! She is just about model thin, and yet she cleans her plate at every meal. I just don't understand how I have consistently end up eating less than half what she does, and I weigh significantly more. It's either genetics or bulimia. And I really don't think it's bulimia.

I am currently reading The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan. I am so into it; it's really quite good. I picked it up for $5 at Borders before I left. I never really expect too much from Border's clearance books. The book itself kind of reminds me of the Far Pavilions, one of my most favorite books ever. I don't really know why, but I've been on a central Asian kick lately. The book I finished in Canada is called Flash House. It also takes place in central Asia (but in the forties and fifties, Twentieth Wife is set in the 16th century). Flash House was pretty good too, but it had a main character (the mom) who thought about her emotions too much. That irritates me to no end. My mother tends to read books with feelings (not romance books or anything, just more mainstream fiction meant for women) and they usually just make me want to kick the main character in the teeth and tell her to get over it. Anyhow, so far the Twentieth Wife has not had an overabundance of emotion, so I'm ok.

I am less than thrilled at spending another 4th of July away from home (a thought originally expressed here, yes, I am linking to myself). An even less patriotic setting for the 4th than a casino-based pastry competition is the city of Dresden. I just remembered that, for Independence Day 1991, the waiters of the hotel my group was staying at in Tunis decorated the dining room and brought us a red, white, and blue cake with sparklers in it. I kind of doubt that will happen in Dresden. Oh well. I will pick up a floating holiday so it's not a total loss. Still, every time I miss a holiday (like when Shannon and I missed Christmas because we were coming back from New Orleans) I have a nagging feeling for weeks afterwards that something is missing. I should have brought a Sousa cd with me.

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