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I've never met my "counterpart" in Spain.  I speak to him several times a week.  He is always really hyper, and he sounds pretty young.  I had made up a face for him; I felt like I really knew him.  Just now I saw a picture of him and he looks just like Eugene Levy.  That is not what I had been thinking he looked like.  Plus he keeps emailing me and adding "You are a mischievous girl", whatever that means.  Kinda creepy.
I have to take my certification test in two weeks!  I have not studied for it AT ALL.  The test is only offered once a year, so if I fail it, it won't be until next year that I can retake it.  And if I fail it, I'll have to pay for it ($500) out of my own pocket.  So I really need to get serious.  My boss is out today, so I told myself that I'd study today.  Instead I'm typing this...
I didn't watch Colonial House last night.  OK, I watched a little bit, but only during the commercials of what I was "really" watching.  The 8 or so minutes I watched still was enough to irritate me though.  Nothing specific.  Just irritating.
I'm going to La Shish tonight for dinner with mom.  I will NOT eat hummus and lamb, my usual, as I know it must have 10,000 calories.  I will order a feta fattoush salad.  Or maybe some lentil soup.  But I will NOT eat a whole plate of lamb and hummus.  At least that's my current plan.  They have a "low carb" menu, which irritates me in principle, but the meals on it are actually really good. 
It occurred to me the other day that it has been about five years since Mr. Pookums passed on (I mean, was given a lethal injection at the vet's). 

Mr. Pookums, 1982 - 1999
It has also been five years since Tony died.  That anniversary was last month.  I thought that I might write something about him, but I guess I'm not there yet.  It doesn't seem that long ago.  But Leo and I hadn't even had our first date yet when it happened.  And it seems like I've been dating Leo forever. 
So that depressing thought (about Tony being dead, not having dated Leo for five years) led to almost an hour of looking up Tony's friends online.  I didn't really find anything interesting though.  Oh how I wish that reunions happened for things other than high school!  Actually, I'm sure I'd be ridiculed out of the room if there was some sort of Detroit punk scene 1990 - 1996 reunion.  But I must not be the only person to have "gone straight" and got a real job, right?  RIGHT?
(BTW, is there anything more annoying than websites that want you to "click to enter" or people who spell cool any way other than c-o-o-l?)
Speaking of people who have passed away (how on earth did I get on this tangent), I will be eating some ham for lunch that Leo's grandfather made.  I found a huge amount of Easter leftovers in the freezer, so I defrosted them over the weekend.  It's kind of weird to think that the man who fixed this ham is now dead but I'm having it for lunch today.
OK, I need to stop googlestalking and go back to studying. 
Oh, I just thought of another anniversary.  I got the tattoo on my lower back 8 years ago Monday.  It's the tattoo that is the hardest to remove, the others are almost gone.  This one is still pretty visible and blotchy, but its the easiest to hide place of any of them.
OK, back to the books.

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