Midtown: not just a funny street sign?


Photos, courtesy of Dante:

Olga, who appears to be pondering the deeper mysteries of life as Shannon and Alicia look on.

Davidde and Leo

Behind them you can see the gigantic tree on the ground that was knocked down by the last wind storm.

Me and Olga

I look like I just smelled something nasty. Oh well, I've given up on ever having a decent photograph of myself to show.

Larry, who appears to be a little world weary

Perhaps that is because Larry was thinking about the evil roller rink by my house. I had assumed that nothing too terrible could ever happen at a roller rink but Larry set me straight (good thing too because I had suggested to Shannon that she have her birthday party there). The roller rink is right near Meat Town, which I adore both for the name and the big sign featuring a pig in a butcher's apron and a hard hat, sharpening his knives in preparation to carve himself. Larry said that he hadn't heard anything about Meat Town, which made me happy.

So....who's up to go with me to the Pewabic Pottery tent sale this Saturday? It will be a tough day for me because I will want to buy everything in site but I'm not supposed to spend money. I imagine that I'll be doing my usual thing where I pick stuff up, carry it around a while and then set it back down. That way I've had at least a few moments of impending ownership before I come to my senses.

I have to finalize my color selection ASAP for the house paint. In case you had thoughts like "when are Christine and Leo going to paint that house, it looks like a tenement?" on Saturday, the answer is in 2 weeks. I am going to keep the main color the same beige as it is now, but I thought I might change the trim from dark brown to blue. Any thoughts? I don't want to do anything crazy color-wise as I think it's important that the house blends into the woods and the landscape.

I thought this article on the motivations of the Colombine shooters was pretty darn interesting.

And Shannon sent me this one on the revitalization of Midtown that almost makes me believe that "Midtown" might truly exist.

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