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I've spent the day so far avoiding the things I need to do. I am proud to say that I sent off twelve thank yous, but I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not done with all of them yet. I haven't been terribly productive at work either. Instead, I've been looking at puppies on We were all set on a rescued greyhound, but you can't have an electric fence with a greyhound, so we'd have to figure out how to fence off our yard, if there is enough non-wooded are to do so... So maybe we will get a lab. There is a bulldog rescue nearby but all of the listings say they the dogs require "prior bulldog experience" and they do not list if they will accept bulldog education in lieu of experience so I guess we are an unqualified bulldog home.

Oy. The day goes so slow when you aren't doing any work.

I got a copy of the Cake Mix Doctor yesterday. When CMD first came out, I thought it was horrible and trashy. But I have completely changed my mind on this. CMD is marketed as a "time saver" over preparing elaborate cakes from scratch. It may actually save you like 10 minutes because you don't have to measure the flour, etc. But it's real beauty is that cake mixes contain all sorts of high tech ingredients (emulsifiers, preservatives....mmm...preservatives) that are not available to the home cook and therefore the scratch cake. And most of the CMD recipes add additional flavors to mask the artificial ones used in most cake mixes. I've only made one CMD cake, but it was a really big hit.

What else? Leo and I did yoga together last night. That is remarkable because 1) we never exercise together 2) Leo isn't really the "yoga type" (although it was his is idea) 3) I lasted almost 20 minutes (that plank position is haaaaard) and 4) I'm not even sore. I had a horrible "down facing dog" injury a year and a half ago so I was a little worried.

Here's a picture of Leo running, or as he says "being beat by a girl" (he's in the navy shirt in the background).

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