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Well the Christmas brunch has come and gone.  I did not make all my usual anal retentive lists, so I only put out about 2/3 of the food.  But we had plenty so I guess it didn't matter.

    semi-naked Owen with Blanky Blankenford (the blanket)

Tahoe was beautiful!  We saw both desert-y stuff and mountain-y stuff .  Plus Leo got to ski.  Also, he was in the casino across the street from the one in which that guy started shooting.  Thank God.  Plus he won $5 on the Florida State game.  

For two days now Owen has not taken a morning nap.  I think I could deal with the loss of a precious free hour during the day a little better if it worked out that he slept through the night.  But, no, he still gets up twice at night and now he only takes one nap per day. 

I wasn't planning on doing the whole mall Santa thing, but I happen to stumble upon one at The Henry Ford.

I love that he's giving Santa that "what you talkin' about Willis?" look.

I don't think I ever posted a photo from the Boston College v. Maryland game.  So here you are:

We were seated so high up that those are indeed building roofs (why isn't it rooves?) that you are looking at.  I made Leo carry Owen because I got a little dizzy just thinking about the fall.

Well, we're off to Orlando on Friday.  Many pictures of a baby in mouse ears to follow, I'm sure.

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