velveeta fudge...sounds like a drag queen, right?


I've found it!  These two words are innocuous on their own, but they will send nauseous shivers down your spine when combined: velveeta fudge!  And wait, there is velveeta fudge dip too!  I'm shocked Kraft didn't find a way to work condensed soup into the recipe.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this that I wrote last week and never posted:

Doesn't it seem like everyone in the whole world now drives while on the phone?  Every time I see someone do something stupid while driving (yesterday I was nearly hit by an oncoming driver who swerved into my lane) I look and they are always talking on the phone.  Who are they calling??  Who is so darned busy that every moment must be mutli-tasked?  

Anyway yesterday, as I was pulling into Penzey's (my FAVORITE store) parking lot, I witness a woman on her cell phone while driving a gigantic SUV run over a live pigeon in slow motion.  I was so horrified that I made a face and pointed.  She had no idea what was happening and gave me a dirty look.  I actually saw the pigeon's head explode.  It's wings flapped a few times as she pulled away.  I nearly retched.

And speaking of retching, I made a tuna noodle casserole yesterday.  Not only have I never made one, I've never eaten one either.  I think its something about having grown up in a house with cats (and canned cat food) that has always turned me off canned tuna.  I think the friars would prefer that I make more mid-century comfort food. 

Off to Tahoe.

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