tempus fugit


I've been just crazy busy.

Schwest and Jeremy drove all the way from Chicago to see Owen yesterday, then they turned around and drove back the same evening! I think he's had a pitcure taken of him about every 5 minutes of his life. Unfortunately, none are all that great.

There's this one, but he kind of looks like he has a broken neck:

And there's this one of his very first bedtime story.

I wouldn't have chosen that book, but Owen seemed to enjoy the Churchill and Hitler impressions. I am a little concerned that he might think the Nazis won. Oh well.

I wrote up a birth story of sorts. If you are into that sort of thing, it's here.

Slowly but surely, things are starting to become "normal". Owen can pull 4 hour stretches at night, which is lovely. He "power nurses" for a few hours before that, about once every 45 minutes. And he makes all sorts of crazy bird-like noises.

Ack, I'm tired.

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