I love that "samosas" come up on spell check as "Samoans"


I am currently wearing the largest shirt ever manufactured. It is so big and tenty that I believe it would fly straight out from my neck if I were to twirl around like Wonder Woman. It came with a skirt; it was originally intended to be a sort of unstructured blazer. So I clearly bought it before I realized that I would spend my entire pregnancy being 15 degrees too warm. Today I decided to wear it as a shirt. It makes an awfully comfy (of not particularly attractive) shirt.

Leo is working from home today because our kitchen cabinets are being delivered! I guess it has been two weeks since we ordered them, but it seems like yesterday. Now that they are here, it means I will have to get my ass in gear regarding the 5 million home improvement projects we have to complete before the new year. The most distressing stage of our DIY kitchen remodel will surely be demolition. But that isn't scheduled until 12/26 at the earliest. I'm planning on keeping the refrigerator and stove where they are; the new plan has them in the same spot. Anyone know if there's a problem with this? We're not redoing the floor, so I don't much see the point in moving them.

Schwest has very kindly distracted me from all of this horrid test prep (two days to go!) with the thought of the baby shower menu! The theme will be "International Dumplings: Bundles of Joy". So far, we have:


Dim Sum

Sigara Boregi

Blue Cheese and Celery Empanadas

Caesar Salad (first popularized as something that induces labor)

Vegetable Ravioli in Sage Sauce

Mantus (Afghan lamb dumplings)

Baby Bisteeyas (bisteeya is my FAVORITE)

Cheesecake Stuffed Cupcakes with Chocolate Glaze)

Blueberry Dumplings (a cake-like dumpling in blueberry sauce), vanilla ice cream

I can't wait to see all of the dumpling-themed decorations that she'll come up with.

The Brewer Diet is going ok so far. I crapped out last night, though. I had 20 minutes to find dinner on Telegraph Rd. between Southfield and Bloomfield Hills. So I bought a sandwich at KFC. Not exactly healthy and it did nothing for my dark green vegetable quota. Today, all of IT was served a "pizza appreciation lunch" so that wasn't part of the plan either. How appreciated should I feel if I was served pizza? I have also read that the RDAs for dairy in the diet are probably excessive. That's good, because I didn't think I'd ever hit 4 cups of milk per day. I've been counting cheese towards that, though, and I may come close today (what with the pizza and all).

Did I mention that I slept in until 4:30 this morning? Pretty amazing. I woke up with a stuffy nose, though. Leo is in charge of filling the humidifier and he set it on "low" last night, probably as a means of reducing the number of refills it needs. "Low" did not cut it. I require maximum humidification.

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