mom's short lived bar tending career


"Consumer fatigue cited as car sales plummet" - for some reason this really strikes me as funny. I mean, can't you just picture those fatigued consumers? "No, please, I can't consume another thing, no...nooooo!"

So, after I drove 600 miles roundtrip just to go to Ikea...umm, I mean see my sister and go to Ikea (just kidding, Schwest) I learn that they are opening a store in the MDA. It will either be in Canton or Madison Heights (wherever that is). We put together 6 of the 8 dining chairs last night. Leo remarked that they are sized for small Scandinavian asses.

My sister and I are preparing for my mother's surprise 60th birthday party. In doing so, I came across this photo. It is hilarious because A) my mother never drinks and here she is pouring an 8 oz. glass of hard liquor and B) there is a neatly stacked display of Strongheart dog food on the bar. BTW, let me stress that this is a surprise party. Normally I wouldn't worry that my friends would be engaging in casual chitchat with my mom but she'll be at Leo's birthday party on Saturday so don't say anything!

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