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Amy's autopsy was Friday.  Something electrical went wrong in her heart and caused it to stop beating.  They said it could happen to anyone, though it is very rare. We went to the funeral on Saturday.  It was surreal.  It was only the second funeral I'd ever been to in  my life.  I had thought that attending the funeral would make this all seem more real.  It didn't.  I'm glad we went, but it still isn't real.

Things have been rather cranky chez nous.  Owen is getting his incisors in (isn't it nuts that he already has FOUR teeth?) and he is on the cusp (hey look, its a dental pun) of crawling.  He can take several steps (what's the crawling equivalent of steps?) backwards.  That almost angers him more than if he didn't move at all. 

It's just been a blur of parenting, cooking and the occasional spat of cleaning round here.  Nothing too interesting,

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