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Today is All Souls' Day. I've been thinking about how funny the group of souls I always pray for is: my grandparents, Leo's grandparents and Tony. It's just funny to think of Tony and a bunch of grandparents, grouped together for any reason.

Anyhow, I've been kind of thinking about this all day, and then I got a call from Wendy around 7. She wanted to let me know that a friend of mine from college, a girl I shared an apartment with, had fallen over dead this afternoon. She was 31, 9 months younger than me. She didn't have any big health problems, other than being a bit over weight. I hadn't really seen her in almost 2 years. She was engaged to a guy in Scotland and she'd been over there most of that time.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to find a picture of her. I know I have tons, but this is the only one I could come up with. We were going to a gallery premiere for a friend of ours. I ended up wearing what I thought was an über hip white wig. All of the waitresses there were wearing the same one, so I ended up spending the evening having drink orders shouted at me. There was free wine, so we all drank so much we got sick.

I can't remember why she was "Little" Amy. I never knew a Big Amy. Maybe the nickname came from before I knew her. But it kind of fit. She loved working with kids and I always thought there was some connection there.

So now I have one more name to add to my prayer list.

This really sucks.

I just found this, much better picture online:

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