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I was interviewed today by a real reporter! Our church’s secretary gave him my name and number (what on earth was she thinking?) as a parishioner to interview regarding our church’s 75th anniversary (OK, it’s a religious newspaper, but its still exciting to me).

At first I was just overcome by the glamour of being interviewed. I fantasized about how my name would look in print. I mentally began a list of everyone I would tell about the interview (which is really silly, as I haven’t done anything remarkable, but still). Then the interview began, and I quickly realized what a big idiot I am.

The reporter asked me things like “what does your church’s 75th anniversary mean to you?” Um… we get to have a big party? I didn’t actually say that, but it’s all I could think of. I tried to say something profound, about how it gave us a chance to look back on our history and then look forward to our gleaming future, blah, blah, blah. Like I said, I sounded like an idiot.

The worst part was when he asked me, “what do you hope for your church in the next 75 years?” I actually said “well, I hope we’ll be around!” That was the lowest part of the interview.

I am taking great solace knowing that my portion of the article will be 3 sentences max. I can only hope that the reporter will be kind enough to piece together my babble into complete sentences. The last time I was “interviewed”, which was for my high school's paper (when I was in high school, 5 million years ago), I was talking about how I spent the summer in Tunisia working on my colloquial Arabic. I was quoted as saying I worked in a “Tunisian cloak wheel” all summer.

I mentioned the St. Francis outfit that I made for the baby to wear to the anniversary mass, and he said he’d tell the photographer to look for us. Could this be Owen’s first cover?

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