Has anyone ever done a study on motherhood's effect on the brain?  It's now been a year since I have had a full night's sleep.  At first, my mental slowness was very obvious to me.  Now, I hardly notice it.  Will I ever get back to where I was?

I started work yesterday.  I'm cooking dinner 3 nights a week at the friary.  One of the friars has some heavy duty nutritional needs.  He doesn't eat "four legged animals" or anything with potassium, which seems like every vegetable.  They gave me a handout that lists all vegetables with potassium, the only ones I could see that weren't on there are beets and cabbage.  Turns out peas and corn are ok too.  Leo and I don't like peas or corn, so they never occurred to me.  So he's having beets and cabbage this week. 

I made a Georgian (as in Republic of) meal for Schwest and Jeremy on Sunday.  I had thought of doubling the sauce and serving it to the friars, but I figured I shouldn't serve them central Asian food on my first day.  Good thing too, as there was a visiting friar that no one told me about who is on a macrobiotic diet (and has been for over 20 years, he told me all about it). 

Yesterday would have been Tony's 31st birthday.  He only lived to see 24.  I miss him.

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