we have a tooth!


Well, almost a tooth. It has got to break the skin today. I know that Iíve been saying that heís been teething for months now, and still no tooth, but I really mean it this time. He got up about 9 times last night. I just checked and the white toothy corners can be seen. Incidentally, Owen will be the first in the family to have real front teeth.

Owen and his cousin were photographed together on Friday and today I pick up his solo pictures. Itís like Elite modeling over here.

Oh, Owen learned how to yell recently too. So church was fun yesterday. Leo took him out into the hallway and I stayed. I could here someone yelling and I thought to myself that the yelling kid must have some pretty lax parents. Then I found out it had been Owen.

Goodness, I donít even think I mentioned that Iím going to start working! The friary attached to my parish is looking for a dinner cook three nights a week. It doesnít pay much, but I can take Owen.

Ach, someone has started up with the yelling againÖ.

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