dropping a baby on his head? PRICELESS!


I guess it costs $2,300 to drop a baby on his head.  I didn't mention this before because I was too upset over it, but Owen had a tub accident a couple of months ago (like how I phrased it?  Its like he dropped himself on his head).  So, yeah, long story short he was a slippery squirmy baby and he fell a little over a foot into the tub.  I immediately called the doctor who told me to immediately go to the emergency room, all the while holding an ice pack on his head.  By the time I got off the phone with the doctor, about 2 minutes had elapsed and Owen was happily playing with his toys like nothing ever happened.  Then I broke out the booboo bunny ice pack and he became even more irate than he was from the fall.  Seriously, hell hath no fury like a baby with a frozen booboo bunny on his head.  

I got to park in the circular drive of the emergency room.  The nurses were all very nice and each told me of the first time they dropped their babies, which really made me feel better.  Then the doctor came in and told me that he wanted to do a cat scan.  I was ok until I saw his tiny body wrapped in a lead apron going into that huge machine.  Then the tech turned around and said "head bump?" and I felt a lot better.  I mean, at least he didn't have a sharp intake of breath or scream "GOOD HEAVENS!"  or something like that.  Oh, and the first paragraph took about 2 minutes.  This one took about 6 hours.

So the doctor said he was fine.  Owen didn't even have a noticeable bump or bruise by the time Leo got home from work.  

It cost a little over $10,000 for Owen's birth.  I was in the hospital for three days.  The head bump cost about one quarter of that, and I didn't even get any blueberry pancakes out of it.  Clearly, the ROI is much higher on birthing than baby dropping, not that I'd recommend baby dropping to anyone anyhow.


Leo suggested the other day that my family might be a bit eccentric.  Not in a judging way or anything, in the same manner as one might point out that we all have blue eyes.  I think this happened after my mom announced that she was going to go tutor Hopi children.  His suspicions were confirmed after I tried to call my dad on Sunday.  I guess he's off prospecting for gold in California (or should I say Californ-I-A?)  His "stake" is a 2.5 mile hike from where he's staying.  His wife didn't mention it, but I hope he bought a burro to help him.  A man in his sixties shouldn't be hiking like that on top of whatever physical activity "prospecting" is.  

It's only slightly less crazy than it sounds because he has a prospecting instructor with him.  I think they are panning for gold, not doing any actual mining.  I hope he learns how to taste gold like the prospector guy in the Rudolph special.  Perhaps he could even sing that song.  Or maybe "Hi Ho, Hi Ho".  

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