Speaking of weird Asian food-related baby items that I'm obsessed with



So I didn’t win the sushi diaper on eBay.  What a downer.  It had a sushi print diaper and a fish cut-out appliqué cover.  It was, quite possibly, the coolest diaper I’ve ever seen.  And it is, as we speak, being Fed Exed directly to some other baby’s bottom.  It ended up going for $23.56, which is way out of my league any how (especially for a used diaper). But just look at how cuuute!

(Is it just me or does this seem a bit feminine?  I mean, its a green sushi print diaper, so it shouldn't lean towards one gender or another...and yet....maybe not winning it was for the best)

And speaking of weird Asian food-related baby items that I'm obsessed with, we have been reading Yum Yum Dim Sum lately.  I love the concept, but it starts off rhyming and the sing-song rhythm is lost towards the end.  The total effect is a little like tripping.  But I love the concept.

Want big news?  I am thinking about applying for a job.  And I mean a paying job.  It seems the friary is looking for a part time cook and I have convinced myself that it would be entirely reasonable to ask that Owen accompany me.  I know I could cook for the three friars and watch him at the same time and its not like he would "disrupt:" them at all.  Are you convinced that it would be perfect now too?  Excellent.  As long as we all agree.

What else?  Ah yes, I have been reading up a storm.  First I read the Kite Runner.  The first half was disturbing, so disturbing that I would have just put it down but I had to know that everyone ended up ok so I finished it.  I even stayed up until 1 in the morning to do so.  It was emotionally draining.  Now I'm reading Whatever Makes you Happy, which seems to be good, but I'm only half way through.  I started Mr. Muo's Traveling Couch, but stopped after a way-too-graphic masturbation scene appeared in chapter 2.    I also checked out The Pride of Carthage from the library on a whim.  We'll see.

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