We’re back from Boston. Owen did really well on his first plane trip. On both flights he fell asleep before take-off and slept most of the way. Our arrival in Boston coincided with Hurricane Ophelia’s. The captain told us that he planned on circling over Boston for an hour and then landing in Hartford, but we managed to land in the correct city after only 20 minutes or so.

The game was a night game; kickoff wasn’t until 7:45 which is Owen’s usual bedtime. HE was OK in the stands until BC scored. I guess 10,00 people screaming simultaneously is where he draws the line. So we walked around the stadium for a while, and we even got to have our picture taken with the eagle.

Owen has been saying “dada” for two days now. At first I thought it was just babble, but he does seem to do it in relation to Leo. That’s not possible, right?

We went to the fabulous “portrait studio” in the mall today. I had a great coupon; otherwise it would have been ridiculously expensive. I drove all the way out to Novi, assuming that anything by my house would be too ghetto. Well, if Novi is better, I’d hate to see the Detroit place. Owen looked as cute as possible while posing on a visibly dirty white sheet atop two crumbling foam blocks. I was inches away to prevent him from falling. I hope the pictures turn out. I certainly can’t do that again.

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