no sleep 'til.....?


Sleep?  Not so much.

After his 14 hour night, Owen did not sleep.  Instead, he treated us to a 4 am oration (something along the lines of "greee....oooooh.....gaaaaaa....xzyyyyyy").  So he should sleep the next night, right?  Wrong.  Night after?  Four nights later?  Wrong and wrong.  Even last night, sleep only came in two hour increments (and there was further 4 am talking).  


How I wasted half a tank of gas (retail value $22.37) trying to find Thai food

We watched the Boston College v. Army game at my in-laws on Saturday.  I had a hefty hankering for some Thai food, so I went to go pick some up.  I'm a bit unfamiliar with the neighborhood, so I got terribly, terribly lost.  I was talked back almost to my starting point by a very patient Leo.  Now on the correct course, I found that the road was closed.  I followed the detour, which took me back to where I had been lost.  And then I found the restaurant, which was closed.  Later that day, I again went in search of Thai food.  I know there is a Thai restaurant in Birmingham.  I've been there.  But I couldn't find it.  


So that's how I spent half the day driving around and not eating pad thai.  


Just found out that I am to give the opening prayer at the council meeting.  I'm not terribly happy about it.  Off to plagiarize prayers....

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