We’ve had two amazing nights in a row (remember when an “amazing night” meant something other than sleep?). Owen slept a whopping 7.5 hours in a row Sunday night. Last night he did 6, then 4 and 4. Yeah, so he got 14 hours of sleep. I kept going into the bedroom to make sure he was breathing this morning. He was. I told him when he finally woke up that it was time for his morning nap. Don’t know what 14 hours of sleep does to the nap schedule, but it really doesn’t matter.

We went to Greenfield Village again yesterday. Owen got to see more horses, which is always fun. We rode the carousel again too, and he was again more interested in the building’s ceiling fans than the ride. Instead of turning around to look at things behind him, he’s taken to attempting to bend over backwards. It’s funny at home, but a little disconcerting on a moving carousel.

He is having fun and looking good at the same time:

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