mom and her cell phone


Back from vacation. It was both terribly relaxing and terribly stressful, on alternate days. My family was there for the start of it, Leos for the end. I had a funny conversation with my mother as she was headed back for Detroit:

Mom: Christine, how can I tell how much electricity this contains (while holding her cell phone)?

I explain to her how the little picture of the battery represents battery life and the little picture of the antenna is signal strength. Both are at full strength.

She stares at the phone for another minute, memorizing this info.

Mom: Im going to call the office now, using my MCI card.

Me: Why dont you use your cell phone?

Mom, incredulous: What if I need to make a call on the (4 hour) trip home?

My mom has had a computer since 1979. With over 25 years experience, shes pretty good at technology. Shes had a cell phone since the early 90s. And yet she still has trouble turning it on and off. Her greatest fear in life is that somehow her phone will be on (it never is) and it will ring in church. Both Schwest and I have been sternly lectured on the importance of not calling her at church. Im sure weve both explained the on/off button concept to her (which she can grasp with everything else) but, well, thats my mom and cell phones.

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