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I got an oil change today. Its one of the many things that I just dread doing. Leo had been taking care of it for a while, but I guess I can’t really justify him doing it when I’m home all day. So there I went.

It was the usual. I pull in, expecting a simple oil change, $19.95 and I’m done. Then, in careful succession, every oil change place employee came at me saying things like “maam, your fuel exchange perambulator is clogged, you’ll need to have that replaced” and “the ion regulating fluid is green and it is supposed to be blue”. At least no one asked me to smell my brake fluid. That happened to me once. I spent $75 and I was told I still need to have my fuel filter replaced.

Apparently, the interior of my engine was dirty. I was first offered a full cleaning for $65, which I declined, and then I was offered the same thing for free with an upgrade to synthetic.

I do hate the oil change place. It’s really the only place I ever go where they must be able to see “schmuck” written across my head before I even pull in. Damn you, oil change industry!

I’m getting ready for my upcoming 9-day up-north triple-hyphen odyssey. It has been nothing but drama (my mom’s doctor actually thought she had mono yesterday; she doesn’t). I had already bought snacks and such, but Leo and I have consumed them already.

Oh, that reminds me, I have been reading some amazing books recently. Right now I’m reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Its so good I’m having trouble getting anything else done. Before that was a biography of St. Francis. And before that was Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. Really a great book. I hated the first chapter entirely, in fact I read that and didn’t pick the book back up for another month, but the rest is amazing.

“When do you think Al Qaeda will join the space race?” – Leo, far too early this morning.

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