Miracle of miracles: Count von Poopenstein only woke up ONCE last night (between 10:30 and 7:30). Un-be-live-able! Thank you to Skwerrel who suggested the Amby bed. Greatest thing to ever happen to me. I actually had to wake up and pump at 2 am because he was sleeping so well.

I just found out that my step monster has quit the IRS. She enjoys cooking, so she thought she’d try food service. She got a job at a restaurant and became a professional ice cream scooper. She wants to work on the hot line but, according to my dad, “all of the line workers are Mexican and they won’t let her move because she doesn’t speak Spanish”. Or maybe it has something to do with her having been an accountant up until a few weeks ago. Just a thought.

I have a working sewing machine now and I am darn excited to start sewing again. My mom let me borrow one of my grandma’s. It’s from 1975, but she kept it wrapped in plastic and its like new (though I’m sure she used it daily for 20 years). I finished a diaper cover that I had started on my old machine, but I bet it almost too small for Squawker by now. Maybe I should attempt clothes? I did do a patchwork puzzle ball by hand. It was super easy, once my 14-year-old sister in law showed me how to make perfect hexagons on the computer. I made it out of gingham scraps; Schwest says it looks like a hobo turd. I made it way too big for Owen to really play with it, but he’ll grow into it, I suppose.

Oh gosh, I almost forgot…Owen had rice cereal yesterday (at 6 pm, so I hardly think it had much to do with the sleeping). I had said I was going to wait another month. But he has been grabbing at food on plates, soo we tried it out. I think he liked it. He also maybe had a tiny bit of watermelon sorbet yesterday, which prompted the cereal feeding. I know, I am such a sucky mom for giving him sorbet as a first solid. But he had less than a quarter teaspoon and it was dairy free, basically just watermelon juice…

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