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Vacation bible school was good for both Owen and I. I learned that there was no way I could have gone back to work (it nearly killed me to get someplace by 8:30, nevermind my former office at 7:30!) and Owen loved watching all the kids.

I was paired up with a woman who had worked the nursery before. I hate to admit this, but from her ragged fannypack and taped sunglasses, I suspected there was maybe something different about the woman. Still, she had done this before, so I deferred to her when it came to running the nursery.

We had three “teen helpers” (the youngest of whom was 10). They weren’t terribly helpful. For example, when a two year old started getting anxious about being without her mom, one responded “Are you going to cry because your mommy left you here?”. Uh, not exactly the right thing to say. I tried to lead everyone into distracting the kids (instead of making them more upset). Lady in charge said nothing.

As the week went on, I tried to make small talk with the lady in charge. Turns out she works at an after school program. Hmmm, a two-hour a day job for 9 months out of the year. Yep, my teeny tiny brain was beginning to suspect something. And we weren’t doing a very good job at running the nursery. The “teen helpers” kept taking the kids out of the room, where they’d see their moms and then throw a fit and end up staying with them. So we’d often end up childless by the end of the day.

It wasn’t until after the luncheon on Friday that I really figured out the situation. The program director asked me to give the fanny pack lady a ride home. I said no problem. The director asked the fanny pack lady if she could tell me how to get to her home. A ha. Everything fell into place then. And I’m not quite sure which one of us was slower that week.

I had been so proud of my naturally bossy self for not immediately commandeering the nursery and butting her out of the way. Now I kinda wish I had. Oh well, everyone seemed to have fun and its not like anyone got hurt or anything.

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