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Wow. Its been a while. That was the longest period Ive ever spent away from a computer since I was 5. It was kinda nice; I got a lot done.

SO what has happened in the last two weeks it seemed like Owen has doubled in size. Hes wearing 9 12 month sized clothes. The sleeping is not going nearly as well as the growing. He woke me up three times just between 10 pm and 1:30. Weve been co-sleeping and I think its time to put him in a crib. Ive tried a couple of times but he just doesnt get that hes supposed to sleep there.

Oh, I have a catering gig next month. It will be nice to get into that. Other than that, Ive become a crazy church lady. Im even going to be teaching vacation bible school.

Well, Im being yelled at by the 15 lb. tyrant. More totally boring and pointless updates later.

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