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My last day (not that I went in or anything) was Monday. And so ends my career (such as it was).

I certainly had enough time to think about this, but I still donít think it has sunk in. After I quit, I tried to use my work laptop to get onto the company network. Considering that I worked in IT Audit and, more than any other person, I should have known that my account would be disabled; I was still shocked. I even tried to use my building pass on Friday when I dropped off the computer. Again, I was totally flabbergasted when it didnít work.

Can I go back to work in a few years? Sure. Will I have any valuable IT, security or audit skills at that time? Nope. More than any other industry, I think IT has a pretty short expiration date. I worked damn hard to get to where I am (was). And I guess Iím a little sad to see it go.

Sure, Iím so thankful that I can stay home with Owen. I couldnít imagine dropping him of with some stranger. How could I leave behind this?

While I was bored to death at work, I just never envisioned actually missing it.

Oh, so that also did away with my internet connectivity at home. I do have a computer at home, just no service yet. Iím ashamed to admit this, but I just figured out yesterday that I could get to my email through my phone (Iíve only had it for two years now).

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