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Looks like we're having a Caribbean BBQ on Memorial Day weekend. So, in the spirit of authenticity, I though I'd get a little goat. Just a little, mind you, in addition to chicken and pork. For authenticity. (I know what you're thinking and you don't have to eat it, you big pansy) Anyway, I emailed one of my soon-to-be-former Indian coworkers to see where I could score some goat. Turns out there is a place called "Mr. Goat" in Canton. Naturally. I should have known.

I had another Parish Council meeting on Monday. Once upon a time, PC meetings where funny little live action reality shows at the end of very long days. Now, they are my only time to pretend to be an adult and have adult conversations. Yes, once a month I get to separate for 2 hours from baby and sit around a big table and have discussions on things like replacing the church's sewer line. I used to think that some of the topics were ridiculous (like 'how do we share our Catholic faith without becoming Jehovah's Witnesses?' - a subject we spent nearly an hour on) but now I almost rely on them for my mental health.

My two favorite PC members, Angry Popeye and Mr. Big Important Doctor Guy, are leaving this term. They both missed Monday's meeting, which would be their last. I really hope whoever replaces them is nuts, otherwise the meetings might be a bit dry.

Oh! I forgot to mention something fabulous that happened on Friday. I belong to an online group of Catholic Mammas and they sent me a baby present - an alligator and a duck diaper!

I was positively giddy over them.  And they arrived with the ones I had ordered:

It's too bad you can't see the back of the Hippo, there's a 3D tail!

Also on Friday, we finally met a certain male someone who has been seeing a certain female someone.  And what did I talk to Male Someone about?  Diapers.  A subject single men find FASCINATING.

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