I guess I'll have to quit my job soon. Owen will be 11 weeks old next Tuesday. So I have about a week and a half left of maternity leave.

Since I've been gone, my boss has been promoted. I don't think his replacement has started yet. So do I quit to my old boss? The new guy is still in Europe. My old boss works in another building. So should I make an appt. to see him? Doing so will pretty much tell everyone what's going on. Or can I just do this over the phone? I'll have to have an exit interview with HR anyhow. And I suppose they'll want their computer back.

I don't want to think about it.

Mom, Owen and I went to Ann Arbor yesterday to have lunch with Schwest and Jeremy. We went to a vegetarian restaurant; I'd forgotten how damn tasty watermelon juice is. It was supposed to be cold but it was a really nice day. We even got to stop at my favorite produce store on the way home. I bought some baby zucchinis (which I served with baby back ribs, I thought for sure Leo would ask if I'm pregnant) and some fiddlehead ferns. It's just not spring 'til you've had your ferns.

We're taking Owen to his first baseball game tonight. We were going to go last week, but it was too cold. I have his Tigers uniform all laid out.

Is ten weeks post partum too early for a tummy tuck?

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