We went to Owen's 2 month well baby check up yesterday.

I had agonized (and I mean AGONIZED) over whether or not to start his immunizations now (or ever). Leo's family has a history of autism, one case of which the mom blames on vaccine injury. I read everything I possibly could on the subject (basically no one knows anything for sure about the safety and efficacy of vaccines or the cause of autism, which is why my head almost exploded) and finally decided to go ahead and do it. So I was pretty nervous.

I gave Owen a dose of infant Tylenol about half an hour before the appointment time. The medicine is grape flavored and seeing him swallow it was absolutely hilarious. It's the only non-milk flavored substance he's ever had. At first he had a look on his face like "what the hell is this?" and then he decided that, since its sweet, it can't be that bad. He still looked terribly confused though.

He hated the physical exam, probably because he had to be naked for it. And he HATES being naked. He weighs 12 lbs 10 oz. now. That puts him in the 75th percentile. His height puts him in the 50th percentile and his head measures in the 90th. So has a big ole head. Which basically means he looks like a character from South Park.

The shots came after the physical. I held him down, while two nurses positioned themselves over each leg. He got three shots in total, two simultaneously. He screamed during the shots. I was prepared for him to be upset for the rest of the afternoon, or even the rest of his life. But he was fine. He just looked at me like it was no big deal. He got one Bugs Bunny and one Daffy Duck bandaid (awww, baby's first bandaids!) and we left. No big deal.

Owen's had two milestones recently, both on Leo's watch (which is so unfair as I spend 95% of the time with him): he has discovered both his hands and his feet. I got to see the feet one, that was last night. He just had a look on his face like "what the hell are these things? They're attached?". Leo said that, when he discovered his hands, he tried to put them in his mouth but kept missing. Now he gnaws on them constantly.


Schwest and Jeremy bought a house! So... party at their place!

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