I like to watch Good Morning America every morning. Leo prefers “real news” and there is always a discussion over which program to watch. Leo calls it “news, not news” in a reference to Shannon’s cat, not cat story (but you’ll have to talk to her for that one). Every time I win (not terribly often), I’ll flip the channel and they have something terribly stupid on. Yesterday it was people destroying “computers” with axes (this really irked me as they were always destroying the peripherals, not the computers themselves).

Anyway, they also had the Emeril’s Mothers’ Day Breakfast in Bed contest. And they went too far, even for news, not news. Because the winner was a man.

As per usual, the winner’s story was quite compelling. His wife died and he raised their 5 kids. The little movie thing said he did diapers, laundry, and attended soccer practice. Because of all that, he won the Mothers’ Day contest. Yes, it is terrible that his wife died but, um, he is a man. Know what we call male parents? Fathers.

So was he considered a mother by GMA because he changed diapers? Or because he now has no partner? Either way, it is overly PC and old school misogynistic at the same time. And it pissed me off. The only thing I take any comfort in is that he didn’t seem terribly comfortable with his being called a mother either.


I'm just taking a break from my 3 day cook-a-thon for the Provençal Mothers’ Day luncheon. Here’s what I decided to make:

Asparagus with Lemon Zest
Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Tian
Leg of Lamb stuffed with Wild Mushroom and Greens
Gruyere Popovers

Lemon Tart
Flourless Chocolate Cake

I am trying out a new flourless choc. cake recipe and it doesn’t look good so far. The center didn’t set. I think I can salvage.   Luckily its covered with a chocolate glaze, so hopefully that will disguise any imperfections.  I also plan to sugar some edible flowers and decorate the edges of the lemon tart with them.  I don't have enough popover pans, so I plan to make them in muffin tins.  Should be ok, right?  Anyway, I really want to try that individual soufflé recipe, but I decided that might be too heavy with everything else.

And can someone please explain to me how Leo can not like Stevie Wonder? 

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