brought to you by the number FIVE


Owen got up FIVE TIMES last night. FIVE. Yes, that was FIVE. FIVE feeds and FIVE diaper changes. Did I mention it was FIVE times?

So I’m not at my very sharpest today. Which is maybe why I got all ready for the La Leche League meeting in such a haze. I decided I would eat drive thru for breakfast, as I just could not get it together enough to make my own. I drove all over Oak Park, Ferndale and maybe even a few more cities, and I found no drive thru. None. I was starved, and the meeting was about to start, so I ate 10 stale reduced fat Chips Ahoy! cookies that I found in my car and got to the meeting fashionably late. Except it turns out I was early. Really early. Because the meeting is on Thursdays, not Tuesdays.

So we went to lunch with “dad”, formerly known as “husband”, even more formerly known as “Leo”. Owen then got paraded around the office. I got to meet about 100 women, all of whom were named Barbara and all of whom asked if Owen sleeps through the night. No, he does not. I did not go into the fact that he was up FIVE times.

I have a really bad headache. Either from eating stale Chips Ahoy! for breakfast, or maybe from lack of sleep. Hard to tell.

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